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 Mac's Families

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Age : 76

PostSubject: Re: Mac's Families   Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:55 pm

After all the hassle with Photobucket   this is a brand new post using the host servimg.
Toni's Kaile is married to Caleb's Shane Regent   both! They've had a son Rex, who is celebrating his birthday transition from toddler to child. Shane (Popularity/Taurus) is at the top of the Journalism career and Kaile  wow!   (Popularity/Aries) is at the top of the actress career. Kaile came home from her acting job just in time to bring Rex to the cake. Coming with her was another actress: Meryl Streep (by gdayars @ MTS2   ) and she joined in the celebration.

I've now updated the images on the last page of each of my 'hood postings and will work backward as I have the strength.

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Age : 52

PostSubject: Re: Mac's Families   Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:32 pm

Can't wait to see what Rex looks like when he gets older!  I didn't remember making a simmie called Kittery, but I recognized her from hair! laughin I called her Kaile, and I've just updated [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] so her picture displays again.

I hope you don't mind my doing a little ambush marketing!

By the way Mac...Rex was my dad's name!  How'd ya like that?!

"The Harbour...The scandal continues in this TS2 epic about the lives and loves of the residents of Christophe Harbour."

Also visit my Tumblr ilikefishfood's Musings
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Age : 76

PostSubject: Re: Mac's Families   Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:39 pm

Yup, that's her (Yummy!) In my post I called her both Kaile and Kittery - going to correct it now. Caleb supplied last names for  his sims. Lots of yours had last names like Kittery, Nevin, Kittson, Frederick (!), etc. I'm currently using the St. Paul street directory to supply last names. Been using some simmies by SummerGlau and nyctopile from MTS2 lately. Looking forward to your next creation! wow!

Meanwhile, here's Rex as a child (and with looks like that he'd better learn how to fight  verklempt )  I usually keep my sims as children only long enough to improve their Grouchy...Nice to at least 3 (most born-in-game start at 1!) and maybe get their grades up to B+ at least. They're teens only long enough to get to A, A+, now and then be a superachiever. Then on to univ and adult life. But all that will have to wait until the next season.

I use Charmed Book of Shadows by ureachedpam @ MTS2 to change low personality scores.
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PostSubject: Re: Mac's Families   

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Mac's Families
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