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Sugah's Place is proud to be one of the last remaining Sims sites devoted entirely to Sims 2. The Ladies of SP welcome you and thank you for being here with us. * See what's NEW by clicking on THIS LINK ...We try to update regularly, so check back often! Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and 'Tweet' yourself to a little Sugah!! ... Stop by, introduce yourself, play some forum games and schmooze a bit. We're happy to have you.

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 Schönen, guten Tag!

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Age : 63

PostSubject: Schönen, guten Tag!   Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:22 am

First of all: I'm really happy I found this site (thanks to Simscave update section). Even to look at your beautiful Sims 2 "things" is a great pleasure, and I definitely would love to pack a lot of it in my game. There's just one problem: my downloads folder will explode and the game's loading time will become too long if I do :-(

And now I wand to introduce shortly myself: I'm a sixty year old housewife from Germany (Hilden, near Cologne), multiple mother and grandmother, but still child enough to enjoy playing with my sims (although I possess Sims 2, 3 and 4, I prefer Sims 2, followed by 3. Sims 4 is just frustrating). It's a great time in my life, because the kids are gone and just visiting with their families, so I've sufficient time for myself and my hobbies (2 big dogs - who also are the darlings of my husband, embroidery, reading and Sims). So my age gave me a lot of liberty.
I'm really looking forward to meet nice people on this forum and to spend a happy time here!
I wish you all the best! Britta
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Age : 53

PostSubject: Re: Schönen, guten Tag!   Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:55 am

BrittaMA Great to have you at Sugah's!  We are all very much dedicated to TS2, like you are! laughin

I'm an extremely busy broadcast journalist (I work in radio) who works insane hours and finds my escape in simming and a little creating for the game.  Thankfully my husband is a simmer too, and we're both quite obsessed!   I met him here at Sugah's Place and he journeyed half way across the world to meet me, and we got married!  We live in the Caribbean with our two computers and three cats! (Though our neighbours dogs think they belong to us too!  sunny )

I hope you'll join in some of the conversations we have here and even share pictures and stories about what is going on in your game Feel free to start a thread in the What's going on in your game these days?.  We also have some fun game challenges going on, if that's your thing.


"The Harbour...The scandal continues in this TS2 epic about the lives and loves of the residents of Christophe Harbour."

Also visit my Tumblr ilikefishfood's Musings

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Age : 78

PostSubject: Re: Schönen, guten Tag!   Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:08 am

Britta! And welcome to the society of bulging download folders! Most of us here are faced with that problem - or is it an asset? My download folder is currently around 11GB!

How to mitigate the problem:

1. Plan ahead. I usually set my sims to loading early in the day and keep it running all day. It takes 15-20 minutes to load, so I plan to get dressed, read, etc. then come back to my computer.

2. Keep it loaded. I use the WindowsKey-M. To minimize my sims screen, then I can do email, surf the web (to get more downloads ) etc, Then just maximize the sims out of the tray when I want to play again.

3. If you're really extreme, you can sleep your computer overnight.

4. If your game crashes, which it's apt to do as you fill up your computer, try to start loading the sims without restarting your computer. The disk caching will mean that the reload takes far less time.

That said, your huge Sims2 download folder says something about the game. People are still creating for Sims2, even after Maxis stopped supporting it! I mainly go to Mod the Sims 2 and Milano for clothing, this site and Lowisa's and birdgurlfor Sims, and ModTheSims2 for houses. (I, for one, really like the smaller, less expensive houses rather than the "edifice complexes".) I run a 'hood with around 200 active sims at a time. As they have kids and get to level 10 in their careers I put them into a retirement subhood - eight to a house with just a 'phone and a computer - no longer played but available on 'phone and email.

Again, I think you've found a great site. Looking to hearing more from you!

An additional edit:
Funny - Toni (ilikefishfood) and I were responding to your post at the same time! My wife (posts occasionally on this site as maikkij) and I have two cats.
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Age : 54

PostSubject: Re: Schönen, guten Tag!   Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:01 am

Hello Britta! I'm glad you found Sugah's Place. We're a bunch of Sims 2 fanatics, and it's always nice to find another person who loves Sims 2 as much as we do. It's nice for you to be at a such a great time in your life. We have similar hobbies -- in addition to doing Sims 2 related things, I read a lot, and do counted cross stitch. Two of the loves of my life are in my picture. laughin

There is so much to see here, and the people are friendly and helpful. I hope you'll feel right at home.

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Age : 59

PostSubject: Re: Schönen, guten Tag!   Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:00 am

Hi, Britta!

Thank you so much for joining our little forum.
It's nice to meet you.

Come join our SP Offspring Project
We're doing a fun experiment in SP genetics. 

*  Check out just a few of my personal SP faves on Pinterest .  *
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Age : 63

PostSubject: Re: Schönen, guten Tag!   Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:06 am

Thank you all for you warm and kind greetings. I feel already now very happy here. By the way, recently my download folder was about 13,9 gb, but that was far too much. I really hope I'll stay this time a little more modest, but my new one is again at 6,5. And with your great stuff here it soon will grow :-)) I really love the fine houses on this site, but I don't dare to get them because they include so much cc, making them special and beautiful.
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PostSubject: Re: Schönen, guten Tag!   

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Schönen, guten Tag!
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