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 Cher Shares

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PostSubject: Re: Cher Shares   Cher Shares - Page 12 EmptySat May 09, 2020 10:58 am

My starting families were randomized as to size and ages of sims. I stopped whenever I decided I had enough sims to start with. Each sim was randomized as to aspirations, turn ons and turn offs, as well as certain features like facial hair, hats, glasses, and fitness level. Those things will mostly carry through their entire lives. When I created them in CAS, I made a male and female and accepted whichever skin, eye color, and hair color came up. I used those to create offspring, which I then aged up to the adults (or in one case an elder) I would be actually playing. I'm hoping that helped create some recessive genes.

The first is Ian Callahan, adult male. He left a bad home as soon as he could get out and has lived on the streets since he was a teen. He's a Family/Knowledge sim and has managed not to be too hardened by his life on the streets. Recently he has found a job as Malcolm Landgraab's golf caddy and has saved enough to rent a trailer in the seedier of Arcadia's trailer parks.
Cher Shares - Page 12 1_ian_10

Sean Hunter was married to Ilene just out of high school. They had two sons, Ricky and Kyle. Kyle was still a baby when Ilene was killed in a car accident. Sean is a Knowledge/Fortune sim. Though it was hard to do while being a single parent, Sean got through university with a degree in Economics. He is looking for a woman who will be a good mother to his children. Love would be a nice bonus, but not necessary.

Oldest child Ricky has always helped Sean with whatever needed to be done, especially taking care of Kyle's needs. Ricky's a smart kid who loves to learn, and he's also sworn never to be poor again. He's also a Knowledge/Fortune sim.

Toddler Kyle has no direct memories of his mother Ilene. Sean couldn't bring himself to talk about her much and was gone a lot anyway. Ricky regularly shares his memories with Kyle and takes care of him while maintaining straight As in school and working a part time job after school. Kyle is determined not to struggle for money as his father did for so long and his primary aspiration is Fortune. Never knowing his mother and having a too-busy father, though, has left Kyle with a strong need for Family, his secondary aspiration.
Cher Shares - Page 12 2_sean10
Cher Shares - Page 12 3_rick10

Blake and Danna (Mansi) Linley are high school sweethearts who married and have a teenaged daughter, Bree. While Danna is dedicated to her family and would like to increase the size of it, Blake was more interested in partying with Danna's brother Ezekiel (Mansi), who has moved in with them. Danna thinks Ezekiel can do no wrong, but she insisted that Blake stop going out partying with him all the time.

Blake Linley was a high school football star who got a full scholarship to university. He injured his knee in his second year and dropped out. When Danna threatened to leave him over the partying, Blake stopped going out with Ezekiel. He didn't spend that extra time with his family, though. He adopted his beloved dog Ginger and became obsessed with befriending every dog or cat he saw.

Bree is primarily interested in being the most popular girl in school, but she's a little shy and that makes it more difficult. She is also a good student since she is a Popularity/Knowledge sim.

Ezekiel Mansi moved in with Danna and Blake until he could find a job and support himself. Somehow, he's never actually moved out. His needs are simple and he's happy living there, hanging out with friends, and sleeping with as many women as possible.
Cher Shares - Page 12 1_blak10
Cher Shares - Page 12 2_dann10
Cher Shares - Page 12 3_bree10
Cher Shares - Page 12 4_ezek10

Gina and Josie Lukas are sisters from a small town who want more from life than they think a small town can provide. Both have a large thirst for knowledge and love or romance. Gina is a bit older than Josie, and wishes she had Josie's ability to go with the flow and not worry about consequences. The sisters are very close.
Cher Shares - Page 12 1_gina10
Cher Shares - Page 12 2_josi10

Sarah Heber has worked hard at menial jobs her entire working life and has little show for it. She and her family live in the house Sarah inherited from her grandparents. Her husband Gabriel died when their daughter Samara was very young. Sarah had always wanted more children, but put aside her own desires to care for Samara, and now for Samara's children, Ivana and Gabriel (named after his grandpa). Sarah will never achieve the financial security she craves, but her family has always come first. She loves having her grandchildren live with her, but is dismayed by Samara's priorities.

Samara (Heber) Morgan watched her mother sacrifice her own wants and needs to take care of everyone else and is determined not to follow in her footsteps. She loves Sarah, but doesn't want to be anything like her. Samara married Johnny Morgan and they had two children, Ivana and Gabriel, thinking she'd married a wealthy man who would take good care of her and the kids. Johnny seemed ambitious and like he was on his way up in the world. Johnny's family, correctly seeing that Johnny's main appeal to Samara was the family money, whispered poison in his ear whenever possible. His ambition was all for show and he ended up leaving Samara and the kids to mooch off his parents. He does pay court-ordered child support, but wants nothing to do with people his family considers trashy.

Ivana Morgan is the older of Samara's children. Her abandonment issues, along with observing her mother and grandmother, are leading her to want a man with a lot of money, but also all the time in the world to spend with her. She likes to be surrounded by friends.

Gabriel Morgan is Samara's younger child. Most of Gabriel's family is not around as much as he would like, and he feels that love and attention are more important than the pursuit of money that consumes too many people in his family. He wants to be loved by friends and girlfriends, and may be prone to inappropriate relationships.
Cher Shares - Page 12 1_sara10
Cher Shares - Page 12 2_sama10
Cher Shares - Page 12 3_ivan10
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PostSubject: Re: Cher Shares   Cher Shares - Page 12 EmptyMon Jul 13, 2020 4:14 pm

It sounds like you have a fun group of sims set up with a lot of story potential! Cher Shares - Page 12 21650
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PostSubject: Re: Cher Shares   Cher Shares - Page 12 EmptyWed Jul 15, 2020 9:07 pm

Year 1, Summer:

Ian Callahan settled into his trailer, but he isn't making much money so he can't get it cleaned up, or even buy many furnishings. He only eats once a day.

Cher Shares - Page 12 2_move10
Cher Shares - Page 12 4_furn10

His neighbors are Pacey Jensen, Darcie Bradford, and Melania Vernon. Darcie and Melania are both Mascots, and Pacey is a Waterboy. They all frequently hang out in the yard at their trailer park, shooting hoops, swinging, or visiting at the picnic table. I apparently didn't get a picture of Pacey, but you'll see quite a lot of him later.

Cher Shares - Page 12 6_darc10
Cher Shares - Page 12 5_hang11
Cher Shares - Page 12 7_ian_10

Ian's job as a Golf Caddy didn't go so well after he refused to give Malcolm Landgraab advice on which club to use (because what does a street kid know about golf clubs?), then walked off the job saying “Whatever” and trying to get a free corn dog in the clubhouse after Malcolm was struck by lightning while using the nine iron. He ended up getting a job as a gas Station Attendant, then was promoted to Clerk in the convenience store.

At the end of the season (this is important when we see Josie's story), Josie Lukas walked by and caught Ian's attention. They spent some time together and discovered they like each other quite a lot. Family Sim Ian is ready for love.

Cher Shares - Page 12 910
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PostSubject: Re: Cher Shares   Cher Shares - Page 12 EmptyWed Oct 28, 2020 2:59 pm

Year 1, Summer:

Sean Hunter and his children Ricky and Kyle moved into a modular home in a newer neighborhood.

Cher Shares - Page 12 1_smal10

Sean talks a bit with most of the women who walk by, always keeping in mind that he wants an attentive mother for the boys. He met Joy Conway that way. Though they each are attracted to the other, Joy asked if she could introduce him to Melania Vernon. He said yes, met her, then proceeded to flirt with Joy. She calls him often.

Cher Shares - Page 12 12_joy10

Sean went to the library to look at the job board, and found an opening in the Intelligence career as a Rookie Field Agent. He's working at a small company trying to find out if the reason one of the managers spends so much more money than he makes is because he's a spy. After proving that the manager was indeed spying, Sean was promoted to Field Agent and is eagerly awaiting an interesting assignment.

Ricky is the stereotypical perfectionist oldest child. He is an overachiever, getting straight As in school, making First Chair Percussionist in band, and serving as Student Council Vice President. It's summer break, but there isn't much of a break for Ricky. He assumes nearly all the housework, cooking (such as it is), and care of Kyle.

Cher Shares - Page 12 5_rick10
Cher Shares - Page 12 6_rick10
Cher Shares - Page 12 7_rick10
Cher Shares - Page 12 8_rick10

Kyle grew up.

Cher Shares - Page 12 13_kyl10

Sean did have to hire a nanny, Adalia Gordon, because Student Council meets even in summer and Kyle would be alone. Kyle gets along with Adalia but Ricky feels a little territorial, so he's not as happy with her. Adalia is impressed with the way Ricky has taken care of Kyle.

Cher Shares - Page 12 23_nan10
Cher Shares - Page 12 9_nann10

Ricky is a little shy, but Friday he worked up the nerve to call classmate Ilsa Leighton and invited her over. They became good friends and have a lot of fun together. She's also nice to Kyle, a plus in Ricky's opinion.

Cher Shares - Page 12 16_ils10

Though Sean also met Josie Lukas and they had some attraction for each other, Joy is the woman he called to celebrate his promotion Saturday. They celebrated all right.  Cher Shares - Page 12 774807

Cher Shares - Page 12 20_sea10
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PostSubject: Re: Cher Shares   Cher Shares - Page 12 Empty

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Cher Shares
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