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 Sims 4 *ARGH*

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Sims 4 *ARGH* Empty
PostSubject: Sims 4 *ARGH*   Sims 4 *ARGH* EmptyMon Oct 19, 2020 1:26 pm

Greetings all!

I just figured out what was going on so weirdly in my game. Even though I have it set to only age "Played Sims" I didn't know what that meant was not only the Sims I was currently playing but EVERY single household I have ever gone into in the game, those Sims are constantly aging. It explains why I see so many of the Sims I have created walking around as Elders and stuff and I am like, is my game freaking out? No, when you tell it only Played Sims you need to specify the Right Now option. *face palm*

The good news is, every family I have played, I always save it as a different file. So I can go back and play those still at the age I left them, but they will have lost all the interactions of other Sims they have had since. Part of me is so disgusted. And there is no easy way to bring them back from the dead like good ol'Sims 2. No, you have to have certain xpacs for certain items. Aging them down isn't too difficult, but you have to use one of the cheats to do it. *sigh*

Joyous day in the Maxis/Origin/EA life cycle.


Well, I found a mod that makes bringing a dead Sim back to life pretty easy, except, yes, there is always an except with these things. It doesn't retain or restore original relationship levels. And I found if a sim family is one you created you can take them back into the CAS and you can edit them, change their ages and stuff. It was so funny, I had used the command cheat to actually add the two ghost sims back into the family, took them to the CAS and aged them back to young adults. This was before finding the mod to make them corporeal again.

And close your eyes if you don't want to know this, but if the ghost sim and living sim's relationship is high enough, you can get them to have sex. Yes, yes you can. And if you got wicked whims mod and the ghost is female you can watch the animations through her ghostly form. LOL And I found out there is a mod that actually lets the ghost get pregnant...Yes, that's right, pregnant ghost. But they don't have a pregnant form transition so you need another mod that gives you the ability to make them look pregnant if it is part of your story telling. But the baby I guess is always corporeal, no baby ghost forms in the game. Apparently babies can't die in the game. I don't know if when the baby transitions to toddler if it becomes a ghost or stays human though. I've had a LOT of too much fun playing with this whole concept.

One bad thing about Sims 4 is EA/Origin/Maxis is constantly breaking cheat commands so mods are constantly broken with updates and it is so frustrating. I wish there was a fully functional Insimenator for TS4. It would make so many things so much easier! I've been experimenting with MCC mod and it is like trying to learn a Ferrari when all you wanted was a dang 5 speed bicycle. *ARGH*
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Sims 4 *ARGH*
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