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 Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules

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Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules Empty
PostSubject: Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules   Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules EmptyFri Mar 27, 2015 3:34 pm

Hello, Forum Friends!

Mac and a few of our other beloved SP family members have inspired me to start this project.

Those of you who have downloaded some of our Sims - and have been kind enough to give them virtual lives - have often married them to other Sims downloaded from SP.
I thought it would be a really neat idea if we started a section where we could share what the offspring of our joined SP Sims look like.
I think it'd be a fun experiment in Sims 2 genetics!
It's also a way to share the descendants of any Sims created by Toni, Elle, Ulli & Sugah ... as well as retired creators, Jen, Ari & Russ.
Oh, and because Em has been with me for so long, I'd like to include any Sims she has created and bestowed upon SP, too!
I have no doubt our creative team would get a big kick out of seeing the children (and even grandchildren & great grandchildren) of our Sim models.

The Rules:

1. Provide the name of the original Sim(s) downloaded exclusively from Sugah's Place only
(*Sims created by Toni, Elle, Ulli & Sugah ... as well as retired creators, Jen, Ari & Russ and our dear Em.).
2. Provide the creator's name & link where you found the Sim(s) @ SP, so others can download him/her if they'd like.
3. Share an in game image (try to limit to 2) of the SP Sim couple(s), preferably up close and personal (head shots are best).
4. Share an image of the offspring of the happy SP Sim couple(s), close up and front view (1 @ each stage of the their lives, if possible).
5. Snapshots should be no wider than 675 pixels please.
6. Start ONE thread per forum member (as in our Game Antics section).

Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules Thsmallblinkingcoloredheart Share the details, the fun stories & other snapshots of your SP Sims' lives in your game antics thread. This section is just for the results of our genetics experiments. Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules Thsmallblinkingcoloredheart

Btw, I can not take credit for the name of this project.
Hunter (of Basic) and Nonni (of Affinity Sims) attempted to start a similar experiment in Sims 2 DNA about 5 years ago.
That is what inspired the name "The SP Offspring Project".

If you have any questions (eg about sharing images & details for this project) please feel free to PM me before posting.
Let the SP Sims' procreating & sharing begin! Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules 422794

Come join our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
We're doing a fun experiment in SP genetics. Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules 364821

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Read First: SP Offspring Project Rules
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